BAU is a group of professionals interested in creating fun and entertainment, with extensive experience in the world of children's entertainment.

We are delighted to see the little smile, that's why our constant endeavor is to innovate games, causing our concepts are in constant motion.

Our products are designed for different types of customers, businesses and agencies that recruit diversity, creativity and innovation especially, for people who want our services especially for family leisure, a leisure car rental companies, small and large retailers dedicated to entertainment.

In BAU also manufacture all kinds for advertising that we request our customers to produce their custom models.

We make the game fun and be associated with psychomotor development, bearing in mind the capabilities of the individual from the movement and action. Therefore we include in our range of products related to creating games, thereby stimulating the imagination and incorporating teamwork.

We present all the time that security is fundamental to our business, since we work with items that meet the most demanding market.

We are sure to offer a new variety in the world of leisure and entertainment and convinced that we will respond with the guarantee of being satisfied.

If you are interested and want further information please contact us and we will gladly answer you.