Ice Rinks

Skating is a fun activity that gives us a magical way to feel like birds flying through the sky. So this synthetic track skating gives us the option of skating anywhere. You only need a level playing field and before long his track will be mounted for use.

On these tracks you can use the same skates that real ice rinks. The feeling of skating comes to 90% and that repeated testing without a doubt, it is not cool, not wet and have more control of skating.

The mounting system makes the track is perfectly level, has no pores or blemishes and has no vertical or horizontal displacement.

Its synthetic ice panels are intertwined with a patented groove system, creating a smooth and seamless.

The advantages that produces a synthetic ice rink is a lot about a real ice rink:

  • Their assembly and disassembly is quick and easy, without machinery.
  • Do not need water only for cleaning after the event.
  • No time-consuming freezing and thawing.
  • Do not melt.
  • Do not consume light.
  • Built completely non-toxic materials.
  • Can be placed indoors and outdoors regardless of weather conditions.
  • You can use all year.
  • Adapts the size and shape of your interest.
  • Your storage is very comfortable while not in use.
  • Can be used for other sports.
  • They can be of different thicknesses depending on their usefulness.
  • Also offers logo design and color if the client prefers.
  • Are profitable and economical.
  • Take care environment.
  • High and fast return.
  • The perimeter fence of the track or to allow advertising banners both inside and out.
  • We have all shapes (rectangular, square, circular, etc).
  • Supplies also skates in all sizes they want.
  • Our BAU Penguin, for support and assistance to beginners.

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Due to these advantages we believe it is an easy way, to have an ice rink to be enjoyed in end of year celebrations, festivals, shopping malls, business to promote teamwork and communication, school holidays, holidays, and it is best that can be used by the whole family.

But if you are a minority of people do not dare to skate, because you have not ever done, no problem, our penguin BAU will help you. These fiberglass penguins are designed to help anyone who needed to get the balance on the skating surface, equipped with two handles, will help the beginner to feel safe and enjoy without fear of unexpected drops.

Our rinks are synthetic polymers made from 100% resistant, and maintenance is minimal.

It's a fast, convenient and simple to provide an ice rink without all the inconveniences and costs of a traditional ice rink, in short, is easier to enjoy skating year-round without fear of a price.
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Ice Rinks Ice Rinks Ice Rinks

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