Paintball Laser

The Paintball Laser is the new variant of the traditional PAINTBALL, where now we can all enjoy a fun game because there are only advantages.

From the smallest of 6 years until they feel able to exercise their muscles and having a great run, this game makes you feel like a true guerrilla defending your life.

Only accurate gun that uses infrared long range shooting (300 meters) and comfortable clothes, forgetting the problems that produces traditional PAINTBALL.

There is so shell is 100% safe, forgetting the pain of the paintball is harmless so do not need protective gear and masks are no longer used, dispenses with specified because it does not stain clothes being 100 % clean, it's a sports game that you will develop your reflexes and speed.

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It is created by an easy to use software to configure the game without difficulty, the weight of playground equipment (gun) is very light, hence they can enjoy the little ones, you'll know if you have been given by your marker installed on your gun LASER PAINTBALL and through this system you can control your ammunition, playtime, etc.. and if you're a fan like you practice this sport game you know that through your software can do competitions with friends over the Internet worldwide if you wish.

Any place is suitable for practice, indoors, inflatable enclosures also manufactured for this purpose, black light, strobe, smoke, music and sound effects. Outdoors, from a garden to a forest, you alone decide where to play. This sports game you can go any day of the year.

If you buy this game fun and enjoyable, please call us and we will extend this information.

Paintball Laser Paintball Laser Paintball Laser

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