Moov is a unique toy designed for children and adults, where learning is an exciting adventure. It's not like any other toy in the education market is a great kit of parts that help to stimulate curious minds and develop technical skills, creative and socio emotional.

Moov is a construction toy in which you work as a team can create endless different designs and what makes it remarkable is that no tools just with your hands and with a little imagination, fantasy and once completed, its Artists can play with it.

Moov is a safe toy made of pure materials such as wood and rubber. It consists of three kits:

STARTER KIT (initiación)
Starter Kit

Contains 125 pieces with which the beginner can enjoy building three possible models.

Bike, crane and snowmobiling.

Starter Kit

Contains 150 pieces with the possibility to build seven different models.

Bike, chopper, crane, helicopter, jet, dino bird and snowmobiling.

STREET KIT (Completo)
Starter Kit

Contains 175 pieces to build ten different models.

Bike, helicopter, chopper, motorcycle, carver, crane, trike, car racing, dino bird and snowmobiling.

The great advantage of Moov is that it has limits, if his mental capacity is high, you can create new models that we have not yet managed to build, so a toy Moov so creative that you can offer your child something other toys may not do.

With Moov is able to build bikes, scooters, motorcycles, lifting bridges, trucks, helicopters, racing cars, among others. Each kit comes with everything you Moov its creator need instruction manual for each project, rings, shafts, wheels, etc, so that only lack of imagination and creativity.

Racer Trike Bike Dino Bird Helicopter Scooter Carver Chooper Snowmobiling Crane

Moov is composed of safer, more durable materials and has the stamp of approval and certification TUV EN71. Moov has been created with the help of experts in the field of child development. It is designed with the highest standards of quality and comprehensive educational value.

With this educational toy you can offer your child a multitude of stimuli, such as:

  • Self-esteem.
  • A strong sense of accomplishment.
  • Coordinating hand - eye.
  • Encourage gross motor skills and balance.
  • Learn to follow an instruction manual.
  • Develop physical activity reduces obesity.
  • Increase social and interactive.
  • Help find practical solutions to technical problems rewarded for their hard work.

We have no doubt that it is a special and magical toy because every project involves a mental muscle stimulation without realizing we engage in continuing to create models in a fun way.

But above all things Moov is a toy for your child to learn by playing, building, to achieve as a team and get an achievement, creating their own toy.

moov moov

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