Laser Mazes

LASER BAU is a maze of laser beams where flexibility, sharpness and speed are present until the end of the game. The participant challenges second to second the difficulty of each game slipping between the beams of light coming to meet the challenge proposed.

Laser mazes are designed to be enjoyed in closed habitats that do not require too much space. The idea came from movies like Mission Impossible or TRAP in which the protagonist is a renowned thief or a major secret agent.

One game that offers LASER BAU is to turn the player on a brave character who must infiltrate an underground vault, where the most dangerous criminals and criminals hide their wealth. The objective of the mission is to gain access to the biometric hand scanner inside the chamber and enter a secret code to start the transfer of wealth to an account of a charity. To carry out this heroic act must achieve not be detected by sophisticated network of lasers, otherwise the alarm would sound and time would be penalized, but also of having to sneak ably less time consumed in his achievement the more money you transfer to the account of solidarity.

It is also possible to feel like a thief who specializes in works of art. An offender who has been hired to steal the largest diamond in the world and it has to go into a private museum, filled with precious sculptures, paintings and other collections. A room guarded by cameras, cloud cover, where you will have to navigate a network of laser beams to reach where the extraordinary gem. Should change very quickly by a replica authentic glass identical and thus avoid being detected by the weight sensors in the top of the pedestal which supports the jewel.

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The lasers used is less than 5 milliwatts of power so they are completely safe. Meet the prerequisites for their use and for security BAU LASER software automatically shuts off when a player fails to exceed the beam thus avoiding to look directly at the light.

It's a game where no matter the age because everyone can participate. There are three difficulty levels: beginner, veteran and elite. It is interactive because you can compete against another player and against itself, encourages this activity because it is the flexibility, speed and agility and trying to circumvent the rays either above or below them.

The bright green and red lasers generate enthusiasm alive, because in a laser maze find a decor that surrounds you and moves you need to challenge the situation, provides sound effects, motion sensors, fog, exciting music... all to captivate guests and lead them coming back for more fun.

With the BAU LASER software you can create an unlimited number of configurations of mazes, which can create your own game format and objectives of the mission. It can be installed in a closed and our professional service will make a safe installation according to the dimensions of your room.

There is also the possibility of making an inflatable to suit all requirements necessary for the game and finally through the maze can be tilted Mobile, which are incorporated all components of our themed packages and is professionally installed in a fully enclosed trailer and ready to roll in compliance with all traffic regulations as may be required.
BAU LASER is an excellent choice of entertainment for young and old, is a game that sparks the interest of a few seconds we are fearless characters who have only seen in science fiction stories.

Laser Mazes Laser Mazes

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